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Rethink your marketing strategy

Online marketing nowadays, comes in different formats and shapes. Some are effective, others are not. The success of any online marketing strategy depends majorly, on planning, applied tools and platforms used.
Years of experience as digital marketing agency, we firmly believe that the success/expansion of your business, is through great result from your marketing strategy. This is sure path to sustainable growth at a very minimal marketing cost.
Our research has shown that there are key marketing resources which are often undermined or completely ignored by your marketing agency. Now, with your business in mind, MarketPlace Africa tend to cover the below marketing resources:
  1. Marketing using videos: (Video Marketing)
  2. Content Marketing (Great Marketing Articles)
  3. Articles hand crafted for your projects/works submitted for reviews and sales  (Projects or Services Publication)
  4. A Storefront created specifically for selling your products online. (Your Online Store) Quite frankly, you have to sell online and you do not necessarily needed to sell from your own website due to technicalities/time factor on managing your own online store.
  5. A properly hosted and managed website for your business (One that’s 99.9% Uptime)
  6. Choice of Social Media Platform to use
  7. Choice of Search Engines

Here comes the critical point of note: Marketing hasn’t changed much… we still use posters, TV ads, radio Ads, email, telemarketing  (word of mouth), etc… but the way we shop, the way we can make something go viral in a day is what has really changed marketing. SEO (search engine optimization) plays a HUGE factor in your marketing strategy. Today, when we shop on the internet we tend to use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a shopping site or product we like and however, we automatically choose from the selection listed on the first page not the second, third or fourth (unless people are desperate). This means your marketing will affect your SEO from what social media channels you’re on,  what your website content encloses, how much you blog and so on.

You are able to get to the first spot on Google and to the first spot in your customers minds, all it takes is some re-evaluating.

As the world has embraced the digital age in full force, so does it requires a thinking and mentality that operates as such.
We are here to provide the necessary support and advise you need to achieve a successful digital marketing strategy. From opening your store, to publishing articles, interview about your brands, website audit and SEO, online reputation and many more.
We will be glad to hear from you. And most of all we will be glad to assist you to re-structure and re-strategize your digital marketing process. Please feel free to give us a call on +2773 371 78702 or send me an email on chris@marketplaceafrica.co.za
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Full service digital marketing plan. Take your marketing strategy to a whole new level.
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