Eicher South Africa Goes-Pro – Launches New Trucks and Commercial Vehicles


Surender Singh

Vice President and Country Head - Eicher SA spoke to MarketPlace Africa Publication (MAP)

The Eicher Motor Vehicle brand is a synanymous with high quality, durability and reliabilty when it comes to trucks and other commercial vehicles manufacture. The company with its headquarters in India, has immeasurable success globally and account for more than 30% trucks and commercial vehicle sales in India alone.

Recently, the Eicher Group SA, launched its all new Pro version of trucks and engine products at Kyalami in Johannesburg, South Africa. Mr. Surender Singh, Country Head & Vice President of Eicher SA bares his mind on the importance of quality in their products hence the trust it has enjoyed over the years with loyal costumers worldwide. The “launch of the Eicher Pro version of Trucks has bring in a new lease of life to the commercial vehicles and fleets services industry.

The partnership with Volvo  Group since 2008 has successfully enchanced mordernization of trucks and commercial vehicles globally.  Eicher Motors well known and trusted for creative engineering and resulting in quality and safety with fuel efficiency compensated the Volvo Group dynamic and reliability structure of “Volvo Trucks and commercial vehicles. Hence the coorporation between Volvo Group and Eicher Group is one that’s here to benefit South Africa and the Africa continent in general. Crucial to all of the above elements is affordability which makes Eicher Trucks and Commercial Vehicles standout of the pack. Hear Mr. Singh spread it all out in a one one interview with (MAP) MarketPlace Africa Publication.


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