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Decorative Waterproofing


Preventative, Remedial & Decorative Waterproofing

Coprox provides durable and user-friendly waterproofing solutions and decorating options commercial and home use. The unique properties, characteristics, compatibility and versatility of our products make waterproofing painless and decorating gratifying.

The universal waterproofing applications range from the preventing and remedying of rising, falling and penetrating damp to the waterproofing of structural, retaining and boundary walls; floors, showers, basements, wine cellars, underground parking, ponds, swimming pools, reservoirs and water features.

In addition to their waterproofing qualities, some of the same products can even be used for decorative purposes as well.


The lack of adequate waterproofing poses a very real threat to the structural integrity of homes and buildings. Needless to say, it poses a very real threat to their contents as well. Damp homes and buildings also pose a threat to the health of its occupants. It is unsightly and a constant source of annoyance. The purpose of waterproofing therefore is to protect homes and buildings as well as their contents against the damaging effects of water. Waterproofing can therefore be defined as a material or system that prevents or resists moisture and water seepage through the masonry components of a home or building. Having a little knowledge of the more common damp problems will help you prevent or remedy them, saving you great expense, time and aggravation.

  • masonry2015copy2Preventative & Remedial Waterproofing for Water Bearing Positive & Negative Side Masonry Surfaces
  • Waterproof Decorative Coating 
  • Suitable for Brick, Mortar, Screed and Plaster


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