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The only Car Insurance premiums that decreases monthly


Unknown to many car owners, car starts to lose value the moment¬†its driven off the dealership floor. For this simple and most valuable reason in the life span of a car, your insurers should have let you know this fact from the get go, if they are truly honest. Hence King Price Insurance is the only insureance company that’s always pleased to be staright forward with clients from the very first minute you get in touch with us.

Feeling ripped off? We hear you! And we are absolutely here to help you with honesty, digity and pride.!

Why pay same premium forever?

You really do not need to pay the same insurance premiums as if your car is of the same value as when it’s new. Hence, King Price is the only insurer that offers insurance that decreases monthly in line with the depreciating value of your car! When you have comprehensive car cover with the king of price, your premium decreases monthly.

And that’s not all…

When you insure 2+ cars with us, we discount your car premiums which still decrease monthly! And… You can also insure some of your favourite things for just R1 every month!. And yet more… You can also choose the excess that best suits your budget! This works a bit like a seesaw… If you choose a lower excess then your monthly premium will increase, but choosing a higher excess will reduce your monthly premium.

Just to be clear, by ‘car’, we mean any car or LDV that’s registered in South Africa. We don’t cover taxis, or cars that are used for emergency services (like traffic control and armed response), law enforcement or towing.


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